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CIC Illustrious 

Stewart Mcfadden, 32°

Commander In Chief


SGIG Illustrious Jeffrey G. Jones 

33° Active Emeritus

Greetings and Welcome to our site.


We also welcome you to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is the college course in Masonic teaching. In the lessons exemplified by the Rite, we are given a chance to embrace a broad and sweeping education in morals and ethics, freedom of thought and expression, virtue and toleration, self-improvement and spiritual progress in the ways of manhood.


You are invited to visit us and find out what we have to offer. We are proud of our heritage. Our Order was imagined and constructed by men of great vision and passion. Their motivation for greatness remains with our leaders and members today. We are a proud and accomplished fraternity of men.



G.I.G. Stewart McFadden


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